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Healthy couple relationships take work! Whether you are looking to increase physical or emotional intimacy with your partner, learn effective communication, are new parents, new parents to a blended family, parents of neuro-diverse children, empty nesters; contemplating separation or divorce, or trying to heal after infidelity, Mandala Counseling is here to help and support your goals as a couple.

Keywords: couples, new parents, life transitions, infidelity, grief, trauma, loss of life, extended family problems, sex, polyamory, open relationships, LGBTQ, BIPOC, special needs parents, suicide of a family member, anxiety and depression.


A healthy relationship with ourselves is an important step to healthy relationships with others. Mandala Counseling is a safe place for self-discovery and insight where you can learn tools to improve yourself worth-leading to an increased meaning of life and relationships with others. We work collaboratively to discover your strengths and empower you to use them in different settings, whether it be personal or professional.

Keywords: anxiety, depression, grief, dealing with narcissistic relationships (family or friends), adult children of familial distress, navigating toxic relationships personally or professionally, motherhood, fatherhood, single parenting, trauma from abuse.


Family therapy is a place to mend relationships, heal, and improve familial relations that can lead to increased harmony within the household. Every family is different and no one family is better than the next. Every family operates as a system with its own unique patterns of communication and dealing with stress. No one person in the family is the problem, yet every person tries to solve the problem based on their stage of development and the communication patterns they have learned throughout their life. In family counseling, I serve as your family's facilitator, offering a safe environment for every family member to have a voice and be heard while working collaboratively to develop new ways to increase effective communication and family connection.

Keywords: family systems, communication, teens and parents, familial conflict, divorce, separation, family member suffering from anxiety and depression, suicide ideation, special needs. 

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